Autumn Nessler M.S.,

Principal of An International Life, LLC

Autumn Nessler M.S., Principal of An International Life, LLC

Professional women who are in their third stage of life have accomplished and overcome many challenges. These women have done it all. Life has been a Merry-Go-Round and now they want to get off, and live life on their own terms to Live an Intentional Life. Nancy “Autumn” Nessler, M.S., is dedicated to assisting professional women with “What’s Next” by design, not by default. This conversation will provide strategies to better manage periods of transition, four things critical to a successful intentional life plan, and action steps to take today. Join the tribe of WFOLI- Women Focused on Living Intentionally.

Autumn understands the power of having a successful transition plan. Prior to retiring and starting a coaching practice, over the past 35 years, Autumn successfully transitioned from being an Educator, to Career Counselor, to Human Resources professional and finally to Sales professional. In between with “Gigs” as a Solopreneur. Currently, she resides in Media with her husband, Carlo, and is enjoying living her intentional life.

Contact Autumn:
C: 215-870-2960
Facebook: @anintentionallifellc