Change / Metamorphosis / Branding – What is Your Differentiator?

11:45 am - 12:30 pm | Oberkotter 1

Branding, Rebranding, and Re-inventing you…

Have you received or desire to receive a promotion, a speaking engagement, or an advanced opportunity in your field of expertise? Are you transitioning from working for a company to working for yourself or changing careers? Where do you start? What strategy works best in this world of so many choices? How do you build a reputation, increase your visibility, and attract an audience of followers?

Brands create human connection and it takes time. It is a journey into behavioral psychology, cultural anthropology, economy and design. Rebranding starts with a recognition that it may be time to evolve as your audience changes.

Discover in this session

• What is your differentiator and how to establish it with an audience
• How do you create an online identity?
• What is your intention and what do you want to be known for
• What makes up personal style and how to incorporate it into the brand
• When to rebrand and how to go about the process


Connie Challingsworth, Positive Life Decisions

Tracie Springer, Dress for Success

Elaine Zelker, Elaine Zelker Photography – Moderator


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