Jennifer Fleischer

Wellness Entrepreneur

Jennifer Fleischer is a wellness entrepreneur who has launched several businesses like MultiSport Fitness and Jennifer Fleischer Wellness here in The Valley. Her current passion is developing Jennifer Fleischer Wellness on a global platform so she can provide hope and serve those in need in all countries. As a certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Jennifer has taught thousands of people through Fortune 500 companies workshops, lectures, one-on-one coaching and many types of group, fitness classes. She’s been appeared on HLN health segments and has contributed to best selling, wellness books. In 2017, JFW added cannabinoid therapy and consulting. She’s proud to say that being able to provide pure, safe and legal cannabinoid therapy to families around the world and train others on how to enter into the cannabis space is the most profound work of her life. She is currently developing a comprehensive, action-based, body and mind course launching Fall 2019.

She lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with her middle-school love (now married 25 years) and their 2 spawns, Jadelyn and Evan. She hopes to never ‘retire’ and rescue lots of dogs.