Joanne Leasure

Founder and Owner

Founder and owner of Day One Accounting and Financial Services LLC , and known as the Day One Profit Coach, Joanne Leasure helps boost profitability and cash flow for businesses. Through accounting and coaching she has worked to solve the financial obstacles businesses and corporate departments face every day. Utilizing her over 20 years of experience in financial reporting, analysis, forecasting, budgeting, cash management, building workflows and controls in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, real estate, travel, healthcare, restaurants and non-profit to name a few, she provides a level of expertise that most Accounting and coaching providers do not.

For years through her hands-on involvement, she has focused on creative problem-solving and increasing efficiencies using strategies for her clients which work to help them dominate their sector. Her mission is to help 1 million businesses reach their true financial potential and positively impact the success level of small businesses in the United States.

Joanne is featured in the book, Standing Out; Innovators, Disruptors, and Influencers, Bright, J., Guthrie, R., Sayre, R. (Ed. & Curated) (2022)., the Podcast Show You the Business, available on Apple Podcast, YouTube and Spotify. In addition, Joanne is a Grant Cardone Licensee, 10X Certified Speaker, Mentor and Coach and is currently the Chair of the African American Business Leaders Council of the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer of the NAACP of Monroe County, Finance Committee Member of Habitat for Humanity Monroe County, Director of BNI NJ/PA, a former foster parent, and wife and mother. She lives in Effort, PA with her husband and partner in business George and two dogs and enjoys reading and playing piano in her free time.