Katarah Jordan

Co-host, School Director & Certified Master Gardener

Katarah Jordan is a lifelong learner and educator and believes that every child deserves
to be successful and thrive from cradle to career. Katarah lives by the motto “What’s
Healthy Grows.” She understands that healthy, enriching and well communities begin
with classrooms that are an extension of the love and encouragement that every scholar
deserves at home. She is working directly with Resurrected Community Development
Corporation as the James Lawson Freedom School Director, to provide scholars with an
enriching learning experience designed to foster mastery and a love for one’s community.
Katarah understands that our scholars deserve safe, supportive and equitable spaces where
they can explore all of their possibilities and actualize their potential. Centering her work
in community collaboration and exploratory learning, she is dedicated to pushing forward
a research-based and holistic multicultural program model that supports scholars, their
families, their community and their world. Katarah brings a wealth of lived experience
and a proven track record of being a transformative leader and growing the reach and
the teams and organizations she leads through excellence, accountability, curiosity and
Prior to her food banking career as Director of Second Harvest Food Bank, Katarah has
had a lifetime of leadership roles. She has served in various capacities with PASA
Sustainable Agriculture, serves on the board of the Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council and is a
2021 Rider-Pool Collective Impact Fellow. In the summer of 2021, Katarah completed a
coveted immersion fellowship at Soul Fire Farm a black-led, liberation
focused incubator farm.
Katarah earned her M.Ed. from East Stroudsburg University in Education and her BA
from Lincoln University. A certified Master Gardener, her passions lie within the soil, and
in the classroom. If she could teach anything it would be to teach people to grow their
own food.