Leadership & Mentoring

11:45 am - 12:30 pm | Alumnae Hall

Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship between someone of experience and who will share that experience with someone with a lesser experience. A successful mentoring relationship is a give and take of information, asking questions and a challenge of ideas. A mentor/mentee relationship should be a mutual give and take relationship. A mentor gets satisfaction from passing on crucial information and a mentee should have the eagerness to learn and share uncertainties about his or her abilities and how to make improvements and grow. One crucial secret to leadership is not only be able to motivate and manage but to be able to recognize that certain individual who has talent. Mentoring is an essential leadership skill. Learn how these very special mentor/mentee relationships of two different groups of ladies, in two completely different careers, has impacted their successes and their futures.


Dr. Debbie Salas-Lopez, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Carmen Guzman-McLaughlin, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Laura Azzalina, Firstrust Bank

Hope Pearson, Fleetwood Bank

Danielle Cassidy, Bank of America

Moderator:  Jane Wells Schooley, Northstar Women Leaders


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