Lenore Mohr

Team Lead, Pure Light REinvest

Lenore Mohr is a Team Lead for Pure Light REinvest. The concept of building a real estate team focused on investment properties is tied to her redevelopment company, Pure Light Properties, where she is a co-owner. Lenore realized that in order to move quickly and acquire properties to renovate, she needed her real estate license. She quickly identified that real estate investors needed guidance and access, just like she did, to the ever-evolving investment property market.

Lenore’s love for renovation started when she bought a house in foreclosure and she was seven months pregnant. Since that time Lenore has been integral in the renovation process leading projects and construction with budgets ranging from $50,000 to $300,000. Supervising contractors and sub-contractors has given her invaluable hands-on knowledge for improving timelines and budgets to ultimately elevate our processes and systems for Pure Light Properties. Her favorite part of the job, however, is meeting people and providing solutions for individuals and the community.

Combining her knowledge of renovation and studying the real estate market, Lenore can best serve her real estate clients allowing her toLenore has also become a licensed real estate agent allowing her to access properties and analyze returns on investments quickly and knows how to price properties to sell at top dollar, quickly. She can also identify the best investment properties to purchase. Surrounding herself with an agile team of real estate agents, who are also investors, Pure Light REinvest is the best option for anyone interested in buying or selling properties.