Lindsay Watson

Co-Founder, Recruiter & Career Coach, FIA NYC Employment

Lindsay Watson is a human resources and business development professional with a proven
track record of connecting people to people and opportunities. With 15 years of expertise in
staffing, recruiting, relationship management, and career coaching, Lindsay is passionate about
helping clients and candidates of all levels achieve their professional goals.

As a Co-Founder of the award-winning, minority-owned FIA NYC Employment and Principal of
Joy Fluent, a virtual assistant/support business, Lindsay has leveraged her entrepreneurial spirit
to build successful ventures that positively impact individuals and communities. Throughout her
career, Lindsay has worked with a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to small
businesses, and has developed multi-million dollar relationships with organizations such as
American Express, NBC Universal, and JP Morgan.

For Lindsay, it’s all about building connections that are grounded in integrity, sincerity, and trust.
She understands that these connections not only benefit a business’s bottom line but also
speak to our common humanity. As a 2020 recipient of the Lehigh Valley Business “Forty under
40” Award and a 2023 Women of Influence Winner, Lindsay’s passion for helping others has
earned her recognition from numerous online, print, and broadcast outlets throughout the

In addition to her professional pursuits, Lindsay is deeply committed to serving her church and
community. As an American Red Cross volunteer, she was recognized as a “Volunteer Week
Recognition- Communications” recipient in 2020. She currently serves on the board of directors
for the American Heart Association, and is the first African American woman to serve on the
boards of Miller Keystone Blood Center and Habitat for Humanity (Greater Lehigh Valley

Through it all, Lindsay remains focused on her core mission: helping others achieve their
dreams and realize their full potential. As she puts it, “I may have different titles, but that’s the
core of who I am.” Whether she’s coaching a client or volunteering in her community, Lindsay
seeks to find hope in humanity and make a positive impact in the world.