Robyn Cavallaro

Owner of Sagra Bistro and Sagra Beans Coffeehouse and Roastery

She has learned everything she needed to  know about food, love, and life in her mother’s kitchen.  When you grow up Italian, you learn that love is shown by feeding others.  Since then, she has been passionate about all things food.

While Robyn’s mother taught her about food, her grandmother shared her love of a good, strong, black cup of coffee with her.  This eventually what inspired her to move her personal coffee roasting ventures out of her home and into the big leagues.  When she bought her first roaster, it was clear that it was to be named Frieda, after her.

She spreads the joy of food and coffee through her two businesses:  Sagra Bistro in Hellertown, PA and Sagra Beans Coffeehouse and Roastery in Bethlehem, PA.   

Bringing her love of food and coffee to you.