Why CBD is Changing the World

11:45 am - 12:30 pm | Oberkotter 1

CBD Oil – Hope for Humanity with Hemp!

This session will arm you with information about the latest trend in health and wellness – CBD Oil. Jennifer Fleischer is a wellness entrepreneur who has launched several businesses like MultiSport Fitness and Jennifer Fleischer Wellness here in The Valley. As a certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Jennifer has taught thousands of people through Fortune 500 company workshops, lectures, one-on-one coaching and fitness classes. She’s here to teach you the difference between hemp and marijuana, the medical benefits and science behind CBD, and current medical research and findings of scientific trials. As a green industry fueled by women, non-psychoactive cannabis can be very confusing. This presentation will simplify and demystify the fascinating world of hemp.

Disclaimer – This is an informational session, designed to share information for you to consider about a hot topic that is gaining a lot of publicity and traction in the world of health and wellness. The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Business Council do not endorse the products discussed.


Jennifer Fleischer, Wellness Entrepreneur


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