Yes! You Can Start a Business

10:45 am - 11:30 am | Science 136

Yes, you can start a business. It can be done. Did you have a lemonade stand when you were young? Did you sell cookies, create braided bracelets or trade and sell stickers to friends on the bus? As kids we had no fear and we were innovative enough to improvise when we lacked materials. We took control of our own outcomes and took action to solve problems. We naturally had the entrepreneurial spirit of optimism, resourcefulness, outcome-based thinking, and embracing problems.

Going into business is the American dream, meeting the need for self-reliance, freedom and security. But unlike our younger selves, business start-up for adults can be perceived as risky, indistinct, and uncomfortable. Fear of starting can be the biggest obstacle.

In this breakout session, learn what it means to be an entrepreneur by a panel of successful businesswomen who are doing it in the community.
• What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?
• How do you spot trends before they happen?
• How do you discover what makes you different?
• Should you go into business part time or full time?
• How do you lay the groundwork for your dream?
• How do you bring value to what you do?
• Where do you find start up cash?
• Who and where are the clients?
• And should you hire experts or do it all yourself?


Whitney Carullo, Liven Up Fitness

Zakiya Smalls, J&Z Professional Services

Moderator:  Ashley Russo, ASR Media Productions

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